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Macroalgae from the Experts

Livealgae UK is a Leeds based aquamarine farm specialised in cultivating macroalgae for the marine aquarium since 2014. 

We offer rarely available clean macroalgae species from fish & copper free marine tanks.
And certainly the classic live algae like Chaetomorpha & Caulerpa too. 

In nature, most macroalgae species are just seasonably available.
Our different marine algae aquarium setups allow us to offer you all year round a wide range of clean live algae for the reef tank & refugium.

All macroalgae species we offer for sale are sustainably grown in the UK and because we are proud of the quality of our macroalgae they come of course with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Clean Macroalgae for the Reef Tank & Refugium
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Livealgae UK - Premium Macroalgae For You!

Enrich your marine reef tank with stunning and colourful looking marine macroalgae species, suitable for the reef display tank & refugium. Be amazed how live algae will transform your marine aquarium setup, bringing this beautiful aquatic hobby to a completely new level of enjoyment.

Beautiful macroalgae for a more natural looking marine aquarium.

All macroalgae species will help as well to improve the water quality in the marine aquarium by removing unwanted nutrients like phosphate & nitrate. Especially our fast growing macroalgae species Chaeto / Chaetomorpha and Caulerpa.

Better water conditions for happier fishes, corals and seahorses!

We have done our job well when you love your marine macroalgae so much that you can't resist coming back over and over again to find more!

Fertiliser & Supplements

Supplements can help to improve the growth of marine macroalgae species like Chaeto, Caulerpa and other macro algae. An easy way to replenish all nutrients macroalgae need to grow strongly are multi-nutrient fertiliser which specially composed for the use in the marine tank. 

Dosing nutrients is especially sensible when the growth of the marine macroalgae is not as expected or when the live algae is diminishing. 

Fertiliser & Supplements

Aquarium Test Kits

Profi Test Kits for the marine aquarium will help to maintain a stable water environment necessary for healthy fishes & corals, and of course to ensure an optimal macroalgae growth too.

Test Kits For The Marine Aquarium

Nitrate & Phosphate remover

Using Nitrate or Phosphate remover can be sometimes sensible to get the water parameters back into healthy levels.

Precaution should be taken though when macroalgae are kept, as chemical phosphate & nitrate remover will often take out other nutrients too, which macroalgae need to grow.

We recommend as well in a planted marine aquarium not to deceed a nitrate level of 2ppm and a phosphate level of 0.02ppm.

Nitrate & Phosphate remover

Seachem Flourish

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Seachem Flourish is a comprehensive supplement for the planted aquarium providing minor & major minerals for an improved growth of plants and marine macroalgae for an improved nutrients export in planted tanks. It contains traces of nitrate, phosphate and copper.

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