Premium Marine Macro Algae

Find the marine macro algae you like and all the information you need to keep them healthy & thriving in your marine aquarium.


As a small family run aquamarine algae farm in Leeds we are specialised in
macro algae for the marine aquarium.

Happy to offer you an individual service & premium quality marine macro algae specieto ensure that you can fully enjoy the beautiful world of macro algae species in your very own aquarium set-up.

Livealgae UK - Premium Marine Macro Algae To Sell UK

We sell marine algae you don't get very often in the UK. 

Certainly, we offer you as well the "classics" of marine macro algae, like Chaeto / Cheato & Caulerpa too. 

In nature, most marine algae species are just seasonably available. Our different saltwater aquarium set-ups allow us to offer you all year round 100% healthy and premium quality live plants for your marine aquarium, sustainably grown in the UK.

Enrich your marine aquarium, reef tank or seahorse tank with stunning and colourful looking marine algae and be amazed how they will transform the look of your marine aquarium, bringing this beautiful aquatic hobby to a completely new level of enjoyment.

We have done our job well when you love your marine macro algae so much that you can't resist coming back over and over again to purchase more! :)

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Merry Christmas to you and your family.

You can feel it already everywhere... Christmas is coming very fast.We will take this chance to wish you and your family therefore already a Merry Christmas together with your beloved ones.Royal Mail will have to work hard to get all the parcels in time to everyone, and they will be understandably very, very busy. We use this busy time to give our marine macroalgae a rest, to grow well and healthy and will have closed therfore from the 12.12.- 26.12.2017. Please stay updated with our Newsletter as we will have new and long-awaited macroalgae species to order, and we will inform first our Newsletter subscribers about this to give them the best chance to get some new great algae additions for the marine tank display and refugium.As well we will upload soon some more helpful guides about the best lighting for growing marine macroalgae and to grow which algae better in the Tank Display or the Refugium.Salty greetingsLivealgae UK
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New look for our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Area

Hello, Dear Macro Algae Fan. We just updated our Frequently Asked Questions section and are happy to offer you now a much easier way to find the right answer to your question about us, your order, marine macro and micro algae. We hope you like it, and if you would like to get your question added as well, or you think we should change something please just let us know. Contact Livealgae UKStill, we are very happy to hear from you on Facebook  or here, whenever you have a question.Salty greetings Manfred - Livealgae UK
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