BRIGHTWELL Aquatics NeoPhos Phosphate Supplement

    Brightwell NeoPhos


    Brightwell Aquatics NeoPhos is a balanced phosphorus supplement for adding phosphate which is necessary for an optimal macroalgae growth, especially in reef tanks with low phosphate levels and where macroalgae are kept without livestock. 


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    Brightwell Aquatics NeoPhos balanced Phosphorous source 250ml / 500ml

    Brightwell Aquatics NeoPhos is a ready mixed solution to increase the phosphate level in the marine aquarium, to enable the natural nitrogen uptake in reef tanks with inadequate phosphorus content, as in ultra-low nutrient reef tanks.

    Lowering ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate concentrations without the use of chemical filtration media and without resorting to polluting the system with organic material to raise the phosphorus content.

    • Recommended for use by advanced reef aquarists maintaining ultra-low nutrient content
    • May be used with MICROBACTER7, REEF BIOFUEL and/or KATALYST, and NeoNitro
      to achieve desired nutrient content in reef aquaria for improved health and colouration of
    • 1ml NeoPhos will increase the phosphate concentration in 3.8 liter by ~ 0.25ppm.

    As macroalgae will consume much more nitrate than phosphate it is for an optimal macroalgae growth recommended to maintain a ratio between nitrate & phosphate in the marine aquarium / planted reef tank between 20:1 to 100:1.

    Which means that when you have for example a nitrate concentration of 2 ppm the phosphate level should be 0,02 ppm. 
    It is as well recommended to keep for an optimal macroalgae growth a nitrate level of at least 2 ppm and a minimum phosphate level of 0.02 ppm, as otherwise the macroalgae may starve and potentially die off.

    Keep out of reach from children, not for human consumption.



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