Best Price Guarantee For All Macroalgae Species We Sell Within The UK

We won't be beaten on the Premium Quality of our Macroalgae cultures, and surely not on the price either!

We are proud to offer you clean & premium quality macro algae from our sustainable UK grown marine macroalgae cultures and happy when you are fully satisfied with your new addition for your planted Reef Tank or Refugium.

We offer you therefore the possibility to request a price match for all our marine macroalgae species we sell within the UK.

Please just send us a message HERE and we will check your request within 24 hours ( working days only ).

When we can match the other price we will send you a discounted offer which will be valid for the next 7 days after receiving our email. 
This offer will be just valid for purchases using the email address provided before.

The price match offer is only valid for identical, same size/volume and available macroalgae species offered within the UK. 
As a proud UK based tax paying business, we can't price match any offers against auction sites or from private sellers.

The price match offer is just valid for UK orders. We reserve the right to refuse a price match request.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, please.

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