Marine Test Kits

Profi Test Kits for the Marine Aquarium

Profi Test Kits for the Marine Aquarium

Maintaining the right water parameters in a Reef Tank, Planted Reef Tank or Fish Only Tank is vital to keep corals, fishes and of course macroalgae happy and healthy.
Especially as macroalgae will with its growth not just remove the often too high available Nutrients Nitrate and Phosphate, but as well other major and minor elements like Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and various other minor elements, which will be important for corals and other marine tank inhabitants too.

For an optimal growth of the macro algae, especially of fast growing algae species like Chaetomorpha / Chaeto and Caulerpa, it is therefore important to test regularly the water conditions to maintain a stable and healthy water environment.

Find a selection of popular water test kits for the marine aquarium which will provide reliable results, produced by the leading brands like Red Sea and Salifert.

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