Live Algae UK - Your Aquamarine Macroalgae Farm in West Yorkshire

Specialised in marine macroalgae with an experience of over 16 years.
Premium & clean macro algae within the UK & EU 

All our marine macroalgae have been grown to the highest quality standards. Our philosophy is sustainable farming with consideration for the environment. We use energy efficient light sources and insulated tanks to keep the energy consumption as low as possible.

Most macroalgae species we have for sale are sustainably grown in the UK. New macro algae species which we might need to import from abroad, as there is no UK source available, will be kept in quarantine until it is proven safe.
Our aim is to sell primarily the new growth of those macroalgae to eliminate the need to source this marine algae e species again in the future.

How did we start to discover our passion for marine macroalgae:

Our passion for marine macro algae was born many years ago when we got a nice Yellow Tang. Surely a common algae eating fish, but a beautiful one with a sweet personality. Unfortunately, after some time we've noticed that he became more and more aggressive towards the other fishes when it came to food. 

So we started to give him dried Nori seaweed to keep him calm, as all Tang species and some other herbivore fishes, they will need up to 75% of their daily fish food diet with marine algae, to stay healthy. Providing him dried seaweed worked quite very well. He loved it, and soon became the friendly little character we first knew.

Looking for a more natural and sustainable macro algae food solution... our long journey began.

And here we are now - Providing Live Algae in the UK and EU for the Marine Aquarium

With over 16 years of saltwater algae experience, we have the ability to answer your questions and provide healthy premium macro algae.

The beautiful diversity of marine macroalgae caught us and we collected so far more than 30 different colourful and beautiful looking marine algae varieties, which mainly are green algae and red algae species, like our bestseller Red Grape macroalgae, Caulerpa Prolifera, Caulerpa Racemosa, Chaeto/ Chaetomorpha algae, Caulerpa Taxifolia and Blue Ochtodes.
However, we are still looking for more red algae, green algae and of course some of the beautiful brown macroalgae species for you.

Live Algae UK - Offering clean macroalgae species from fish free & copper free tanks within the UK & EU for sale.

But after, all one thing is the most important for us!

That you are fully satisfied and happy with your macroalgae you buy from us from us!Confident about the premium quality of our marine macroalgae we offer you, therefore, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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