Current Delivery Delays Due To Storm Darcy

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Good Morning.

Storm Darcy is bringing very cold temperatures and unfortunately taking its toll on our posting ability this week.

The weather forecast shows snow for a few days, but even worse freezing temperatures over the night.
Although we try to protect all our macroalgae as good as possible, add as well a long lasting heat pack those very cold nights can unfortunately damage the macroalgae in transport.

Ups currently charges a 50% increased premium for the 1 day delivery but unfortunately do not guarantee a 1 day delivery due to Covid-19, and we had over the last few days some orders where a delay occurred, which is unfortunately beyond of our control.

To ensure that the macroalgae will arrive at the best quality possible at yours we will therefore have to wait for a bit more warmer nights and so far it looks like that we can send out macroalgae again starting from the 15/02/21.

We are very sorry for the delay, especially as we know how exciting it is to have new additions as soon as possible in the own tank. Please accept therefore our apologies for this.

As we are more subject to weather fluctuations than non-perishable product sellers we hope that you can understand the precaution taken.

This will of course not affect the shipping of aquarium equipment and supplements / supplies, which will be shipped the same working day when ordered until 15:00.
Please just allow longer delivery times than usual.

Please stay all safe, warm and well.

Kind regards

LiveAlgae UK

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