Green Macroalgae

Clean Green Marine Macroalgae For The Marine Tank / Refugium

Green Macroalgae Species

Welcome to the beautiful world of marine macro algae for the Display Tank & Refugium
Your 1st choice for Sustainable Grown Macroalgae Species in the UK since 2014

The green marine macro algae species are often the so-called "hard worker" of all marine macroalgae species.

They often grow very fast and are therefore the best macroalgae choice for the nutrient export, which means by growing they will reduce the Nitrate and Phosphate Level in the marine aquarium effectively. A great choice for a natural filtration and to improve the water quality for healthier fishes and corals. 

But this comes with a price, as they are often invasive macroalgae species, which means that they will attach themselves to your rock work, and if you do not want it will need more of your attention to keep them restricted. Although they will add a great natural look to the marine aquarium. 

Quite often the green macroalgae species are therefore kept in the refugium / sump to keep them restrained and to use the great ability of them to remove nutrients fast out of the aquarium water.

All the algae we sell are from our special macroalgae Tanks setups which are kept without any fishes for a disease-free and premium quality. This said, the might come with hitchhikers not limited to Copepods and Rotifers, as those beneficial critters love the protected environment of our planted marine tanks.

The green algae species belong to the family Chlorophyta and are the third largest marine macroalgae species with over 1500 different species, but the number one when it comes to used macroalgae in the marine aquarium hobby. 

Beside the fast phosphate and nitrate removal ability, a lot of species grow very fast and they are therefore much more widely available than the often much slower growing red macroalgae species. 

Caulerpa Case
Some Caulerpa macro algae species might go sexual, which means that it releases gametes and tissue into the aquarium water. This can lead to an uncontrolled growth of this algae in your tank, as most of the Caulerpa species are invasive, which means they will attach themselves to rock etc, it will be harder to remove them out of the tank.

Although this said, we never had in 14 years any issue with this algae species, and it was one of our first macroalgae species we got. One thing to avoid this is to provide good light and to remove pale turning parts of it.

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