Caulerpa Case

Caulerpa macroalgae species are widely available, as they grow often very fast and a great choice for the nutrients export from the marine aquarium water.

There are a lot of discussions going on about the danger of using Caulerpa macroalgae species in the marine aquarium and therefore it is very important to know that there are a lots different species available which belong to the Caulerpa family which will react to water changes differently.

Most Caulerpa species are quite hardy, which means that they can tolerate different water environments and sudden water parameter changes well without dying off, like the Caulerpa Prolifera macroalgae species.

But there are some Caulerpa algae species, which are more sensitive especially to sudden water changes and those macroalgae species will need a bit more care to avoid any issues. As some Caulerpa macroalgae species can go sexual, which means that it releases gametes and tissue into the aquarium water, making it cloudy and polute the water.

One of the main reasons we have read about are caused by sudden change of the water parameter, like a too fast change of the Salinity, PH, Alkalinity and Temperature and of course a different lighting, eg lower lumen provided than before, or faulty light units.

Therefore it is necessary to remove pale turning parts of the caulerpa macroalgae as soon as possible out of the marine aquarium and to keep a stable marine water environment as possible, plus of course provide good lighting.

If it does go sexual you might end up with new growth of the macroalgae all over the tank, which will be harder to control and in very rare cases, especially when a lot of Caulerpa species have been kept in the tank, it might pollute the marine water that much, that a larger water exchange might become necessary.

Although this said, as we always keep a close eye on our macroalgae, we personally never had in 15 years any problem with this marine algae species, and they are one of the first macroalgae we got. 

If you have any questions or experienced any issues please don't hesitate to contact us.

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