We buy Marine Macroalgae Species within the UK and EU

What could be better than to see your macroalgae doing well in your aquarium?!

To protect the sea we at Livealgae UK aim to grow as much as possible of our macroalgae species sustainable in the UK.

If you have any marine algae species to sell, to swap or to give away, and it doesn't matter if those are red algae, green algae or brown algae...

we would be very happy to hear from you.

We are always looking forward to extending our marine algae range, which we can enjoy together with other you and macroalgae friends.

Especially the marine algae species which we have low in stock or seaweed species which we don't have are very interesting for us. 

But also typical macroalgae like Chaetomorpha / Chaeto or Caulerpa species are interesting for us. 
Although we might have them, we would rather take them of you, before you would discard them.

We have sold many macroalgae over the time, and still enjoying the moments, we get feedback, how lovely they look in a new tank, or how well they are doing.

So please don't throw your macroalgae away, just contact us (Unfortunately, we can buy them just within the UK).


Think to Donate some Macroalgae?

If you like to donate some of your algae to us, we will do a donation towards the Seahorse Trust, which we actively support.

Read more about HERE

Thank you

Livealgae UK

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