Macroalgae Grow Lights

Macroalgae Lights for the Refugium - Refugium Lighting

Marine Aquarium Macroalgae Lighting

We offer a range of macroalgae growth improving aquarium lights from Kessil and Aqua Illumination which are very effective for growing macroalgae in the planted marine aquarium / planted refugium. Suitable for small to large refugiums they provide an optimized lighting to grow macroalgae like Chaetomorpha, Caulerpa and other beautiful macroalgae species successfully.  

A great quality choice for smaller marine reef refugium is the Kessil H80, for medium sized refugiums the Kessil H160 or AI Prime Fuge 16HD and for larger sized refugiums the Kessil H380.

Please bear in mind that especially the very powerful Kessil H380 refugium light has a very intensive light output and needs to be placed at least around 1 ft ( or higher ) over the water surface, as it otherwise may damage the macroalgae.

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