Cleanup Crew Snails & Crabs

Marine Aquarium Cleanup Crew Snails & Crabs

Very soon more marine species will be added. Please note, that they are just listed for demonstration purposes only.
We don't sell them.

Marine Invertebrates are animals without backbones and play a very important part in the marine aquarium. We will present you a selection of the best marine critters which will help you to maintain the aquarium, reducing unwanted microalgae and take care of excessive food.  That's why they were often called a Cleanup Crew!

As a UK based aquamarine farm, we don't offer any livestock, as we focus completely on our marine algae stock.

But from our long experience, we know which snail & crab will work best for which unwanted micro algae
Therefore we offer you an overview of the best marine aquarium snails & crabs you can get against nuisance algae. 

Most of this little helpers won't eat macro algae, but they will help to keep slow growing macro algae free from unwanted micro algae growth on it. But it can happen, that when the snail/crab is very hungry, that it will try some macro algae too. We see this especially happen with the Ulva Marine macro algae. In our opinion, this is very welcome, as this is better than a starving snail/crab.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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