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Do you have a shop to visit?

Livealgae UK is an aquamarine farm specialised in marine macroalgae and we do not have a shop to visit.

But we offer all our macroalgae for sale online within the UK & EU. And of course they all come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you are fully happy with your new marine aquarium additions on arrival.

You can read more about all our Guarantees HERE

Do you offer to deliver personally?

We are sorry but we are just a local aquamarine farm for macroalgae and can not offer a personal delivery, unfortunately.
But we are happy to post it within the UK and EU.

Where is Livealgae UK based?

We are based in West Yorkshire - Leeds, but we will post all our marine macroalgae species within the UK & EU.

How can I pay for my order?

You can either pay with your existing PayPal account or with your regular Credit or Debit Card or by bank transfer.

What does regrowing / out of stock at the macroalgae selection mean?

When a macroalgae species sells well we have sometimes to take it out of the sale as it will need time to regrow again. 

The time for this will vary, as some macroalgae species will grow very slowly, whilst other - especially various Caulerpa marine macroalgae species grow quite fast.

The best is to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER  or to follow us on Facebook to be the first informed about new live algae species and macroalgae which are back for sale.

Do you have all the macroalgae species in the photos?

All macroalgae we advertise we have either in stock or they are growing back. Very rarely it can happen that we lose a macroalgae species, and we are searching for this marine algae to get it very soon back in stock.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. You can find our actual promotions right here:


Do you offer a mixed macroalgae variety?

Yes, we offer a few macroalgae starter packs and mixed algae packs, which are great to start with. They are smaller than the single live algae species which we offer, but they will give nonetheless a great start for your very own marine macroalgae collection and are a great choice to save some money too.


How can I contact you?

We are happy to hear from you whenever you have any questions.

You can contact us via our email at info@livealgae.co.uk, our CONTACT FORM via Whatsapp chat ( on the website the green button at the bottom )

or by phone : 0786 408 5559 ( please find our opening times on our website )

Are you on Facebook?

Yes we are. We love to stay connected with you and to hear from you. It is as well a good way to contact us whenever you have any questions regards marine macroalgae or our services.


Do you post to Northern Ireland?

We are happy to post our macroalgae to Northern Ireland for free too.

Do you post to the EU ?

We are sorry, but due to the current problems at the border and additional bureaucracy & possible charges / VAT we currently can not post as usual to the EU.  We will update this section once we will be able to post again.

We apologise for this and thank you for your understanding.

Livealgae UK

Yes, we post within the EU still. We need to see how this will work after the 31.12.2020 though.

We offer normally two posting options, the standard delivery which takes around 4-8 working days and the EU Express delivery, which takes approximately between 1-4 working days.

EU orders will only be posted every Monday morning, to give the macroalgae  the best chance to arrive fast at yours.

Although we will do our best to protect the live algae as good as possible, we, unfortunately, can notguarantee the quality of the macroalgae on arrival, as it might be longer in transport than usual, which is beyond our control. 

Therefore any posting within the EU would be fully at your own risk. We can't replace any macroalgae which diminished in transit.

Please read more about the Terms of EU Orders ( outside the UK )


Do you post macroalgae outside of the EU?

We are sorry but we can not offer for sale our marine macroalgae species outside of the EU.

Find all Frequently Asked Questions here:

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