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I have placed an order but did not receive any confirmation email?

Once you have placed an order on our website you will automatically receive an confirmation email.

Please check your spam folder as it might have landed in there and if not please check if the email you have provided on our website is correct.

When will my order be shipped?

Macroalgae and aquatic products together with macroalgae order

Our macroalgae take time to prepare and pack but we aim to ship your order within 1-2 working days Monday - Wednesday morning. Orders placed after 10am count as placed the next working day.  
Due to the current high demand please allow 2-3 working days processing time.  

This means that when you place your order on a Wednesday or later the week it will normally be shipped next Monday /  Tuesday morning out to you, as we have due to Covid-19 currently shorter drop off times with the carriers.

Orders where the UPS or Royal Mail Special delivery posting option have been chosen will be sent as a parcel and you will receive a separate email with the tracking code.

Aquatic products order only

Orders placed before 3pm Monday - Friday will be shipped the same day.

Can I ask for a special delivery day?

Sure. Just let us know when you order when you like us to post your order out to you. But please have in mind that we post macroalgae currently just Monday - Wednesday morning, that it doesn't get stuck in transit. 

Due to Covid-19 delivery times can be currently longer than normal. As this is beyond our control we can unfortunately not guarantee a special delivery day at the moment, but we are happy to post it when you like us too. Please have in mind that macroalgae orders will be latest posted Wednesday morning.

Do I have to acclimatise the macroalgae or can I just put them straight into my tank?

To give the macroalgae the best possible start we recommend to acclimatise the live algae before adding it to your tank.

1) Leave the bag therefore with just the macroalgae in it floating in your tank for around 5 minutes.

2) Then add a small amount of water from your tank and repeat this 2-3 times every 5 minutes.

3) Finally, add the macroalgae to your tank and discard any excess water.

Shall I add the macroalgae with the water they came with to my marine tank?

Although our macroalgae will just be posted with nutrients rich marine aquarium water we do not recommend this.

Please just add the macroalgae alone into your system and discard any water it came with.

The water of my macroalgae order smells strange?

It is normal for a natural product like marine macroalgae that they have their one odour, which might smell strange to you.

Just when the water smell like bad eggs please contact us with the picture of it, as it might have got damaged in transit.

Some parts of the macroalgae looked transparent when it arrived. Is the live algae going bad?

Normally not. It is normal with some macroalgae species when they get posted and they often need just a few days to adjust to the new environment.
It is as well normal with some macroalgae species that parts of it die off while adjusting to the new water environment. 
Please remove any transparent material as it may break down in your aquarium and release organic compounds. and the macroalgae should soon start to grow back.

Parts of the macroalgae are dying of after I have introduced it into my marine aquarium?

This is normal with some macroalgae species. Please just remove the whitish parts of it, so that the live algae can focus all its energy on new growth.

How much macroalgae will I receive?

On each macroalgae listing, you will see below the price for the algae how big the macroalgae will be, often with different size variations. 
This is the minimum amount you will receive but we often overreach this :)

Are there any hitchhikers coming with the macroalgae

All the macroalgae we offer for sale come out of our mature marine tanks, therefore it is possible that hitchhikers not limited to rotifers, copepods etc. might come with it, as they love to use the macroalgae as a shelter.

At Livealgae UK we dip all macroalgae before posting in a professional solution and carefully inspect them to provide you with as clean macroalgae as possible. If you don't want us to dip your macroalgae please let us know when placing your order.

What does the Satisfaction Guarantee mean?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Therefore we offer a hassle free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not happy with your purchase on arrival we will refund you the full money back. ( UK Orders only ). Please find more about it here:


Please read our additional Terms for EU Orders ( outside the UK ) 


Can I order macroalgae within the EU, but outside the UK?

We are sorry, but due to the current problems at the border and additional bureaucracy & possible charges / VAT we currently can not post as usual to the EU.  We will update this section once we will be able to post again.

We apologise for this and thank you for your understanding.

Livealgae UK

Yes, we post our macroalgae as well within the EU.

We offer two posting options, the standard delivery which takes around 4-8 working days and the EU Express delivery, which takes approximately between 2-4 working days.

EU orders will be posted every Monday morning, to give it the best chance to arrive fast at yours.

Although we will do our best to protect the macroalgae as good as possible, we unfortunately can not guarantee the quality of the macroalgae on arrival, as it might be longer in transport than usual. 

Therefore any posting within the EU would be fully at your own risk. We can't replace any macroalgae which diminished in transit.

Please read more about the Terms for EU Orders ( outside the UK )


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