Algae Eating Marine Fishes

Herbivore / Algae Eating Marine Fish Species

Very soon more marine species will be added. Please note, that they are just listed for demonstration purposes only.
We don't sell them.

Some marine fish species like to eat a lot of marine micro and macro algae. As they often need the algae for their daily diet to stay happy and healthy it will as well help to keep track of the unwanted micro algae in the aquarium too.

The following marine fishes are a selection of well-known algae eating species to reduce nuisance algae, like green hair algae, effectively in the marine tank.

Once the unwanted algae are gone they will need the algae in another form, like dried seaweed ( Nori Algae ), algae flakes or algae pellets.

As a UK based aquamarine farm, we don't offer any livestock, as we focus completely on our marine macro algae stock.

We recommend especially the macroalgae listed HERE to keep them happy and healthy in the aquarium.

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