Non-Invasive Macroalgae

Non-Invasive Macroalgae

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Non-Invasive Macroalgae Species

Welcome to the beautiful world of marine macro algae for the Display Tank & Refugium
Your 1st choice for Sustainable Grown Macroalgae Species in the UK since 2014

The following macro algae species are known as non-invasive, which means that they won't attach themselves to your rock work etc. and without the p...

Non-Invasive Macroalgae Species

Welcome to the beautiful world of marine macro algae for the Display Tank & Refugium
Your 1st choice for Sustainable Grown Macroalgae Species in the UK since 2014

The following macro algae species are known as non-invasive, which means that they won't attach themselves to your rock work etc. and without the possible risk of overgrowing the whole aquarium tank.

Thus they are the ideal algae plants for the Marine Aquarium Display Tank, either a Reef Aquarium or a Seahorse Tank.

Usually, these algae species are very easy to keep in the aquarium and the care level is much lower than for example with some Caulerpa macroalgae species. But at the same time, they grow much slower than some invasive Caulerpa macroalgae species for example.

If you wish to keep them in place, you might need to superglue or rubberband it to a piece of rock for example.

All the algae we sell are from our special Algae Tanks setups which are kept without any fishes for a disease-free and premium quality. This said, they might come with hitchhikers not limited to Copepods and Rotifers, as those beneficial critters love the protected environment of our planted marine tanks.

Marine macroalgae will provide you still all the other great benefits, which we explain more in the FAQ part.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful marine macroalgae collection and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Bryothamnion Triquetrum

    Bryothamnion Triquetrum is a beautiful but rare to find slow growing marine macroalgae which is non-invasive and grows in up to 15-20 cm long stiff branches with short stalks. It is a great choice for the display Tank and Seahorse Tank where it adds natural holdfast for Seahorses. The colouration of this macro algae species will vary depending on the...

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  • Cladophora Prolifera - Green Bush

    Cladophora Prolifera macroalgae is a fantastic addition for every display & Seahorse tank as it is a non-invasive & very compact growing algae, forming small irregular shaped clumps. It adds a beautiful bright green colour to the aquarium and provides hiding space for copepods and rotifers, allowing them to increase in population and in turn creating a...

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  • Botryocladia - Red Grape

    The Botryocladia - Red Grape macroalgae is with its vibrant deep red coloured grapes an eye catcher in the marine reef tank and in high demand. It is a non-invasive, beautiful looking algae which will look amazing in any marine aquarium, as a medium fast growing algae species it is perfect for Nano-Tank, Reef-Tank and for the Seahorse Tank, as it will...

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  • Codium

    The Codium macroalgae is a true all-rounder for the marine aquarium. Not fuzzy regards the light or current and very beautiful looking. Codium has a great dark main structure, which develops irregularly into cylindrical branches. Along its branches it develops soft fuzzy filaments which a lot of fishes love to eat. A perfect macroalgae for Seahorses too,...

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  • Cryptonemia Crenulata

    Cryptonemia Crenulata is a very rare to find macroalgae, which is a shame as it is with its thick branches and its deep red colour a real eye catcher in the display tank. This macroalgae is non-invasive and grows quite slow, which makes it a great addition for Nano-Tanks, Seahorse Tanks and planted reef tanks.

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  • Gracilaria Curtissae

    The Gracilaria Curtissae macroalgae is beautiful red marine algae species. It features deep red branches which will form a symmetrical bush. Gracilaria species are slow growing and need a long time to attach themself.A great macroalgae for the Display Tank, where it will surely become fast a highlight and it might compete when it comes to the beauty of it...

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  • Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Mocha Ogo Red Marine Macroalgae Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Mocha Ogo Red Marine Macroalgae
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    Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Mocha Ogo

    Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Mocha Ogo is a great algae for every marine aquarium, especially when it inhabits herbivore Fish & Seahorses. This macroalgae grows faster than most other Gracilaria species and offers not just a beautiful look,colour and structure but also a great food source for Tang, Foxface and co. plus natural holdfast for Seahorses.

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  • Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Green Ogo

    Gracilaria Tikvahiae - Green Ogo adds a bright to dark green colour to the marine aquarium and grows in small bush like patterns. It is a beautiful macroalgae for the Display Tank & Refugium. This macroalgae grows faster than most other Gracilaria species and offers not just a beautiful look and colour but also is a great food source for herbivore...

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  • Ulva Lactuca

    Ulva Lactuca or often called Sea Lettuce is a very palatable macroalgae which makes it a great natural food source for herbivore fishes like Tang & Foxface. And with its thin leaves in different green shades it will look just amazing in any reef tank whilst offering a natural grow place for copepods and rotifers.

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  • Caulerpa Serrulata

    The Caulerpa Serrulata marine macroalgae species has small branched uprights with a series of flat serrated blades. It is a great alternative to some other Caulerpa species which can go sexual as it is a very hardie caulerpa marine algae . A great choice for the nutrients export.

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  • Chaetomorpha Chaeto Linum

    Chaetomorpha or just Chaeto is a perfect nutrients export marine macro algae species. Often placed in the the sump it is non-invasive and fast-growing algae, which is very easy to care for. This Chaeto species is not palatable, but the main purpose it does very well, reducing the Nitrate and Phosphate levels in the aquarium water. We have a palatable...

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  • Halymenia Maculata

    The Halymenia Maculata macroalgae or often referred to as Leafy Sphere Ogo is a very popular algae for the marine aquarium as it looks just beautifully in a Reef Display Tank.The beautiful more stiff like blades will vary in a colouration between purple over light red to deep red (most often) depending on what light is provided.

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  • Halymenia sp. Dragon’s Tongue

    Halymenia sp. Dragon’s Tongue is a very popular macro alga in the marine aquarium as it is a great alga for the Tank Display. Beautiful looking, slow growing and non-invasive.The body of the macro algae is a deep red, while the new growth tips are more orange A similar macroalgae to this is the beautiful Halymenia Maculata

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  • Chaetomorpha Chaeto Fine

    This Chaeto algae is a very fine species which grows much more fine than other Chaeto algae, almost as fine as a hair.  This makes it a brilliant algae choice for feeding herbivore fishes like Tang & Foxface to keep them happy and healthy. It is best placed in the sump/refugium with a sufficient more reddish light. We do not recommend using it in Algae...

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  • Halimeda Incrassata

    Halimeda Incrassata is a beautiful medium fast growing green macroalgae which is non-invasive and calcified, which means it needs good calcium levels in the tank to thrive. This beautiful marine algae has stiff, segmented flat shaped fronds which can grow up to 30 cm. and this algae does best when placed in the marine aquarium substrate where it will be...

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  • The Seahorse Trust - Donation

    Livealgae UK supports the great work the Seahorse Trust is providing and your extra donation will help the Seahorse Trust in their passionate work protecting the Seahorse Wildlife in the UK. 

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  • Neomeris Annulata

    Neomeris Annulata is a very rare macroalgae in the marine tank, as it grows very slowly. It is not very palatable as it is slightly calcified. It grows normally in shallow water in smaller clusters or just solitary and has green, beautiful finger-like uprights. We recommend this marine algae just for dedicated macroalgae tanks as it can become...

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  • Udotea Flabellum

    Commonly called the Mermaid's Fan plant is a real eye catcher for the planted marine aquarium. It is a green calcareous algae which features at the end of its stems a dark green fan shaped top. It will hold itself with rhizoids in the substrate, which should be deep a few inch deep therefore.

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  • Gracilaria Hayi

    The Gracilaria Hayi or often called Red Bush marine macro algae is a beautiful algae for the Tank Display and will be surely become fast an optical highlight in every marine aquarium. This macro algae has a fluorescent red colour and features rigid, irregular shaped branches that will form a symmetrical bush.

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  • Penicillus Dumetosus

    This ornamental macro algae is commonly called Shaving Brush Plant as it features a long stalk with leaves growing like a brush. A great addition for the marine tank which can compete which corals easily. Once in the aquarium it is easy to keep placed in a deep enough substrate. This species grows taller than other Pecillus species.

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  • 4 Macroalgae Starter-Pack

    This macro algae pack is a great choice for you when you just started to enrich your marine tank with macro algae and you don't want to save some money to start with. You will get 4 different marine algae starter frags out of our macro algae selection, which we will choose for you.

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  • Gracilaria Vermiculophylla

    The Gracilaria Vermiculophylla is a truly beautiful macroalgae species. It is a striking red algae species and will be a perfect addition to any reef display tank and Seahorse aquarium as it is a non-invasive algae which offers additional natural holdfasts too. It features long red branches which will become more dense in stronger light.

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  • Haliptilon Sp

    The marine macroalgae Haliptilon is a lightly to heavy calcified  macro algae species which features feather / fern-shaped blades. It is a beautiful highlight for the marine aquarium, although very slow growing and therefore we can offer it unfortunately just from time to time.

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  • Gift Card £10

    With our Gift Voucher it is now much easier to get the perfect gift for your friends or family.The voucher is valid  on our full range of marine macro algae, so your recipients can get exactly choose what they want. The Gift Voucher can be used several times (as long as the balance is positive) and includes our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.Valid until:...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What macroalgae do you recommend for the Display Tank?

There are a lot of beautiful macroalgae species which are just perfect to be placed in the Refugium Display Tank & even for a Seahorse Tank.

We can especially recommend non-invasive macroalgae species which will add a beautiful colour and structure to the marine aquarium to enjoy.

Macroalgae for the Display Tank

How to achieve better macroalgae growth?

Macroalgae don't need a lot to grow, just good lighting and enough nutrients.

Should you already have good lighting for your macroalgae but the growth is not as it should be, maybe there are some nutrients missing in your aquarium water which it need to grow?

Find more here about what water conditions are optimal for macroalgae and dosing nutrients to your reef tank/refugium.


Clean Macroalgae - Sustainable grown in the UK

Livealgae UK offers you premium macroalgae species from fish & copper free tanks. 

All macroalgae we sell are sustainable grown in the UK and will be dipped and manually inspected before getting posted out to you, to ensure a premium clean macroalgae quality as much as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be fully happy with your new additions and offer you a hassle free 100% Satisfaction & Alive Arrival Guarantee. 

If you are not fully happy with your purchase on arrival we will refund your money back (UK Orders only).

Read more about here:

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