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Whilst our family run business goes from strength to strength,  what could be closer to us than to support Charities which protect the environment, from where we sourced our lovely marine macroalgae species?

We strongly believe that we have found a good charity to support with the UK registered charity "The Seahorse Trust".

The Seahorse Trust

The Seahorse Trust was set up in 1999 to preserve and conserve the national world, especially the marine environment using Seahorses as their flagship species.

Seahorses are a unique fish species that occupy the coastal areas of most of the world and it is these very areas that are most under threat, being vulnerable to human and natural interference they suffer badly.

Although they are a small charity, they are very effective and using the seahorses as their flagship species they make a difference in so many ways in education, conservation and lobbying for protected areas and to have marine and terrestrial species protected.

A little help and a little consideration can make big changes and we got the impression that the people of The Seahorse Trust are very passionate about the work they are doing.

Although a lot of people help thankfully voluntarily this charity every extra financial support will support their great work in the future.


Giving Back

We are happy to support the Seahorse Trust with 3% of our Net Sales.


If you would like to donate as well you can either donate by adding the donation Item to your basket *1, which we will forward to The Seahorse Trust or you can donate directly on their website THE SEAHORSE TRUST

*1=Please note that we can't offer any donation receipt. If you need this please choose the direct donation option. Thank you.

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