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What could be better than to see macroalgae doing well in a marine aquarium?!

To keep them healthy and in place, most macroalgae species need to be regularly trimmed back.
But what to do with the excess marine algae

If you don't want to throw the live algae away and you are looking rather for an easy way to get some money for it or if you like the idea to get in exchange some other beautiful macroalgae:

Why don't you contact us?

At Livealgae UK aim to grow as much as possible of our macroalgae species sustainable in the UK and we therefore always look out for new macroalgae species we can farm sustainable.

If you have some macroalgae for sale or to swap we would be more than happy to hear from you. Especially when you have macroalgae species which we don't have or which are currently not an sale.

BTW: If you like to donate some of your live algae to us, we will do a donation towards the Seahorse Trust, which we actively support.

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Livealgae UK

We buy Marine Macro Algae -Livealgae UK

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