Macroalgae for Herbivore Fishes

Clean Macroalgae For Herbivore/Algae Eating Marine Fishes
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        Macroalgae For Feeding Herbivore Marine Fishes

        Welcome to the beautiful world of marine macro algae for the Display Tank & Refugium
        Your 1st choice for Sustainable Grown Macroalgae Species in the UK since 2014 

        Can you imagine how enjoyable it is to watch your macro algae loving marine fishes eating the macroalgae which has grow by itself in your aquarium?

        Some fishes like Tang Species or Blenny Species need a lot of macroalgae in their diet to stay healthy and vital.
        By adding marine macroalgae to your tank you finally can provide a regrowing food source in your tank, which grows while reducing the nitrate and the phosphate in the marine aquarium water, in other words ... cleaning your water, and offer natural grown macroalgae to your herbivore fish. Great, isn't it?

        Depending on your livestock and to avoid the loss of the macroalgae because of too greedy fishes, we recommended to keep a portion of it away from them, so that it has the chance to grow back, for example in your sump when possible.

         The following marine macro algae species are recommended as an extra food source, as they are from our experience very likely to be eaten by fishes and marine critters.  

        All the algae we sell are from our special Algae Tanks setups which are kept without any fishes for a disease-free and premium quality. This said, they might come with hitchhikers not limited to Copepods and Rotifers, as those beneficial critters love the protected environment of our planted marine tanks.

        Please notice that all macroalgae we sell or solely sold for the purpose to use it in the marine aquariums. We have to say this as we get requests to use them for human consumption.

        Marine macroalgae will provide you still all the other great benefits, which we explain more in the FAQ part.

        We hope you enjoy our beautiful marine macroalgae collection and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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