Salifert Coralline Algae Aminoacids

    Salifert Coralline Aminoacids


    Salifert Coralline AminoAcids is one of the very few products available which provides all the amino acids beneficial for a superb coralline algae growth.

    Amino acids play as well a very important part in healthy skeleton growth of corals, decreasing the impact of phosphates and acting as food for most coral species.



    Salifert Coralline Aminoacids 250ml / 500ml / 1000ml

    Salifert Coralline Aminoacids  is a great supplement to improve the growth of Coralline algae in the marine aquarium which are often desired for their beautiful colouration and for adding a more natural look to the marine aquarium.

    It contains all the amino acids in correct proportions as found in coral skeletons . The skeletal material of corals is built-up with alternating layers of calcium carbonate and layers rich in amino acids. These amino acids perform many important functions.

    Stabilizing the skeletal material to avoid the transformation into a totally different crystal structure, and also decreasing the negative effect of phosphate on coral growth. 

    Furthermore amino acids serve as a food for most corals and beneficial bacteria. There is sufficient evidence that around coral reefs the desirable amino acids occur in the water itself and are deposited on freshly formed calcium carbonate.

    An aquarium system lacking the biodiversity of a huge reef may suffer from a lack of the proper amino acids. All ingredients are of a pharmaceutical grade to ensure that no unwanted elements are added to your valuable aquarium.


    • Shake before use.
    • Dose 5 ml per 100 litres once every week.

    Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes rinse with plenty of water. 
    Only for aquarium-hobby use. Not for human consumption.



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    We offer for sale macroalgae from our mature macroalgae mother colonies in a premium quality & 100% healthy within the UK and EU.
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