Fast Growing Nitrate & Phosphate Remover Macro Algae Algae-Pack Expand

Fast Growing Nitrate & Phosphate Remover Algae-Pack


This macro algae pack is a great choice if you are looking for fast growing marine macro algae to reduce the Nitrate and Phosphate levels in your marine aquarium.  They are smaller algae frags than the single sold algae species but a great choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money. You will get 4 different marine macro algae as starter algae frags. 

*Currently unavailable via Free Post*

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Premium Quality

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* Currently unavailable via Free Royal Mail First Class delivery. Due to Covid-19 there are possible longer transit times and this algae will not do well in transit for longer than 2 days*

Fast Growing Nitrate & Phosphate Remover Macro Algae Starter Pack

You will receive a selection of 4 of the following fast growing macroalgae species for a successful start:

  • Caulerpa Taxifolia ( min. 5 leaves )
  • Caulerpa Prolifera ( mind 5 leaves )
  • Caulerpa Racemosa ( mind 1x5cm long string )
  • Caulerpa Peltata ( mind 1x5cm long string )
  • Caulerpa Serrulata ( min 2 x 5 cm long string )
  • Caulerpa Brachypus ( min 1 x 5 long string )

We will pack a selection of fast-growing macro algae for you which will be perfect for nutrients export.

With those four fast-growing marine macro algae species you will get a great start to reduce the Nitrate and Phosphate levels in your tank.

They macro algae frags you will receive will be smaller than the single algae species we sell, but they will give you nonetheless a  great possibility to successfully start your very own macro algae culture.

A perfect choice if you like to see your algae growing and thriving in your tank. If you have any herbivore ( algae eating ) fishes in your aquarium we recommend to keep them away from them for the start by maybe letting them grow in a refugium.

If you buy this Macro Algae Starter Pack in combination with another Algae Pack it might be that you will get the same macro algae again, although we try to avoid this.

As this pack includes Caulerpa species please have a look at the Caulerpa Case

Please note
Our macro algae are from fish free macro algae tanks, although we use sometimes pictures for demonstration purposes only which will include fishes, seahorses and or corals. 

We do our best to quarantine, treat and remove any unwanted hitchhikers, parasites etc from our macro algae but we can not guarantee that the algae are completely free of anything unwanted, not limited to Copepods, Rotifers etc. This is simply because that sometimes eggs, spores, etc can remain viable but not visible and hitchhikers can still stay hidden, especially in dense algae structures, despite our strict quarantine efforts. 

All macro algae will be thoroughly dipped in a professional solution to deactivate hitchhikers as good as possible before posting. If you don't want this, please send us a message together with your order.

We highly recommend nonetheless that you properly quarantine anything new before adding it to your marine tank.

We aim to offer you the healthiest and best quality macro algae on the market, therefore, all of our macro algae comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
The images on this page are for example only, actual product appearance may vary. 
PlacementSump or Display with caution
Growth Rate:Fast
Food Value:Somewhat Palatable
Nutrient Uptake:Very good
Flow Rate:Medium to High
Light:Moderate to High
ColourGreen Macroalgae
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be fully happy with your new algae addition. Therefore we offer you a hassle free Satisfaction Guarantee.  

If you are not 100%  happy with the macroalgae you received on arrival we will refund you the full money back *1.
We even will cover the return costs. The refund will be offered after we arrived and checked the returned algae.

*1 = Valid for UK Orders only, please see our Terms for EU orders HERE 

Top Quality Macro Algae Guarantee

We offer you marine algae from our mature macro algae mother colonies in a premium quality & 100% healthy. Sustainably grown in the UK.

All macro algae we sell will be normally heat sealed and wet wrapped when posted to you, protected in a small box which assures that it doesn't get damaged while in transit. 

Best Price Guarantee

We won't be beaten on the Premium Quality of our Macroalgae cultures, and surely not on the price either!

Have you seen the same macro algae somewhere else cheaper?

Please just send us a message HERE and we will check your request within 24 hours ( working days only ).

When we can match the other price we will send you a discounted offer which will be valid for the next 7 days after receiving our email. 
This offer will be just valid for purchases using the email address provided before.

The price match offer is only valid for identical, same size/amount and available macroalgae species.
As a proud UK based tax paying business, we don't price match any offers against auction sites or from private sellers.

The price match offer is just valid for UK deliveries. We reserve the right to refuse a price match request.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, please.

Your Livealgae UK

Livealgae UK

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questions Malhad on 28/03/2020

Hello I want to buy 4-5 types of algae from Portugal what are the shipping options and costs.


Hello and Thank you for your question.

We offer currently as of the colder weather conditions for EU orders just the express delivery option which normally takes 2-4 working days and cost £25 incl. a 40 hrs heat pack + well insulated polystyrene box.
Although with the current Covid 19 problematic the delivery times are unfortunately not any longer guaranteed and a bit more risky than in normal times.
Within the UK we have noticed that the delivery times have been still reliable fast though.

As your order will be posted outside the UK our additional Terms for EU orders are part of your order as stated in our Terms of service and your order confirmation. 

Please stay safe and well.

Kind regards

Livealgae UK

questions Mike on 05/07/2018

do you recommend a reverse lighting cycle for the sump, ie lights on when the main tank is off, or, 24 hour lighting ? i have just ordered this product to restock my sump after a tank move


Hello. Yes, the reverse lighting cycle is very much recommended to keep a more stable pH, especially when you don't like to have the lights on for 24 hours.

Reverse lighting means, that when the tank lights are going off & the pH starts to drop, the light in your sump turns on and the algae will begin to grow by oxygenating the water & increasing the pH level.

If you run your sump light 24/7 it will constantly be oxygenating the water & then when the tank lights come on this will also raise the pH so you'll have a higher peak which will be normally fine.

questions Dean on 05/07/2018

Would this be a good choice for low flow chamber in a sump?


Hello. It depends on what you understand of low flow? They don't need a lot of water movement,  but when it is too low, you might risk growth of micro algae on the macro algae. With the recommended water turnover for the sump between 6-10 of the tank capacity, they will be absolutely fine.

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Algae Pack

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
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Really, really impressed with the service and the lovely sea plants. I ordered a basic delivery package but was warned with Covid it would run late. I took their advice and paid a few more pounds for the fast delivery. My plants arrived and were packed to perfection, with a small but effective heat pad. 1 week on and I have roots forming and growth. Great company, highly recommended.

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I have ordered several times from and this was the worst one. Also, it seems only three kinds rather than four and all of them look very sad. I was very disappointed.

They arrived not in water like before and they looked not very happy at all when they arrived and they are struggling to recover. It looks like they may die.

The attached photos were taken when they arrived.

Shop owner reply (May 19, 2020):

We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with your order.

Unfortunately due to the current problematic times of the Coronavirus Royal Mail does not guarantee a delivery time currently for the Royal Mail First Class. Although we know how hard they work and as much as we appreciate their work a lot in those tough times this is unfortunately not great  for perishable items like our macro algae.

It still looks like that Royal Mail can not  provide everywhere the First Class next working day delivery as before and we had around 15% of our deliveries delayed or not arriving after 4 working days at all.  

Knowing this we have therefore marked the Royal Mail delivery currently as not recommended and highlighted the express delivery option at the checkout.

In addition to this we have send you as well an extra email before posting the macro algae out to you and recommended either to use the express delivery option as in those uncertain times UPS still delivers very often already the next working day or to refund you the money, as the risk was very high that the algae might not arrive in perfect condition at yours.

As we have not heard back from you and to avoid any further delay we have posted the algae as chosen via Royal Mail First Class to you.

Unfortunately the delivery times are out of our control and we tried to do everything possible to avoid any disappointment by highlighting this problem.

Still we do understand your disappointment and have refunded your money out of goodwill.

We hope times will go back to normal soon and that Royal Mail can deliver again as fast as they used to do and maybe you will give us another chance in the future again.

Livealgae UK

BTW we can assure you as well that we have added 4 macro algae species in this pack and of course different algae species will be packed different, but as they have damaged in transport it will be surely hard to identify the single algae. species.
As we have very good results with the packaging of the Nitrate remover starter pack in a wet tissue and heat sealed this is normally a good way for two days like this. but unfortunately not much longer.
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Over the moon

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
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Total Rating:0 1 2 3 4

Absolutely over the moon with the customer service and macroalgae received

0 1 2 3 4

Not for me

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
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Total Rating:0 1 2 3 4

Postage and service very good. Would use the company again. However the TM Algae added to an establish system soon turned white, after reading the link about it possibly going sexual, it was removed straight away. I am no expert but I had noticed it had grown and wasnt prepared to chance it at all if it was going sexual.

Shop owner reply (Apr 23, 2020):
Hi Russell.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a feedback as we have not heard from you before about your experience and we are happy to give some further information here.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus the free posting option you have chosen takes currently much longer with Royal Mail than normal. Although we value the hard work of all delivery workers do in those uncertain times it is not very good for perishable goods like our macro algae when they are to long in transit hence we highly recommend to choose the express delivery option at the checkout which works so far still very well.

After adding macro algae to a new water environment It is very hard to say why macroalgae don't do well in an aquarium as there are quite a few parameters interacting with it. Therefore we recommend to take a picture on arrival when something does not look right as we offer of course a Full Satisfaction Guarantee on arrival as described on our website to ensure that the algae you have received are in the best quality possible and up to your  expectations.

Certainly we are more than happy to help you to find the problem why they don't do well in your tank.
- Your current water parameters, especially Nitrate, Phosphate, Alkalinity, PH, Salinity, Magnesium, Calcium and Temperature.
- Do you dose any Iodine or Iron?
- Do you use or have recently used any Chemicals, like Copper, Nitrate / Phosphate remover or any other chemical treatment?
- What light do you use, especially the  light colour spectrum, intensity and running time?
- Can you provide some pictures of it on arrival and current?
- Do you have any other macro algae in your tank ? If so what kind?  

The nitrate remover starter pack you have ordered are fast growing macro algae species which need good nutrients in the tank and often we noticed that Rowaphos or similiar was used, which unfortunately removes as well trace elements the macroalgae need to grow.

We try our best as we want you to be happy with your new addition as this did not work out we invite to contact us directly with further informations regards the above mentioned points to see why id did not work out this time.

Please stay safe and well.

Livealgae UK
0 1 2 3 4

Very pleased

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Highly recommend this service provider product really good, arrived in good health and now thriving in quarantine. The 4 varieties will take some time to mature so I would recommend going as big as u can afford, I will be purchasing more soon thanks manfred well done keep up good service

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