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    Caulerpa Marine Macro Algae Species

    The Caulerpa Macro algae are some of the fastest growing marine plant species available. So it is understandable that they are widely available and high in demand, especially for a fast and effective nutrients export, which means to reduce primary the Nitrate and Phosphate level in the marine aquarium water.

    All the algae we sell are from our special Algae Tanks setups which are kept without any fishes for a disease-free and premium quality. This said the might come with hitchhikers not limited to Copepods and Rotifers, as they love the protected environment of our planted marine tanks.

    Caulerpa algae belong to the invasive macro algae species, which means that they will attach themselves easily to rockwork etc.. This might cause problems like the overgrowing of a reef tank, when not regularly trimmed back and/or restrained properly.

    Some of the Caulerpa algae species are as well happily eaten by fishes, which provides a natural algae food source for more happier and healthier fishes. Especially the grapes of the Grape Caulerpa seem to be very tasty for algae eating marine fishes.

    You might have heard about Caulerpa species going sexual, which means that when the algae die off, which is very often just caused because of too fast changes of the water parameters, like different salinity, temperature, PH or Alkalinity.
    You can read more about this HERE

    This said we have to say, that we have this algae species since 14 years in use, and never experienced any problems with them.

    When Caulerpa is kept in the Display Tank, which will give your marine aquarium an amazing natural look, we recommend not to let it attach to the main rock work in your aquarium, as they will attach themselves very fast to it when they get the chance to. It might be very difficult to get them out of the rock work after this.

    The easiest way is to keep them restrained in the substrate/ gravel, or on a single piece of rock, where it can not reach the main rock work. 

    Especially our Caulerpa macro algae species Caulerpa Taxifolia and Caulerpa Prolifera are high in demand, as they grow nice long and will look amazing in the display tank, plus they will provide beautiful natural holdfasts for Seahorses.

    Another beautiful Caulerpa macro algae species for the marine tank display are Caulerpa Racemosa Cylindrica, which grows on nice long stems and when you let it attach to a small piece of rock in the substrate, you can easily trim it back or move it around.

    Great to lower the Nitrate and Phosphate level in the marine aquarium is as well the Caulerpa species:


    But we would not recommend adding Caulerpa Brachypus to the Display Tank, as it very difficult to restrain.
    This macro algae is best placed in the Refugium / Sump of the Marine Aquarium.

    Caulerpa Racemosa Peltata comes a bit in the same direction, although it is easier to restrain than Caulerpa Brachypus, we would recommend this one as well more for the Sump / Refugium.

    Last but not least a good algae for the nutrients export is Caulerpa Serrulata. This one doesn't attach itself and is one of the rare Caulerpa Macro Algae species which are noninvasive. It could be placed in the Display Tank, but it really comes to the personal taste with this one, if it will look beautiful in there.

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