My Ochtodes Sp turned brown / red ?

Ochtodes Macroalgae turned brown

For the blue Ochtodes macroalgae, it is normal that it will turn brown, once taken out of the water and or in transit. But once back in the marine water and with the right light it will turn blue/violet again normally within a few days.

Ochtodes Macro Algae turned red / orange

When your Ochtodes turned red /orange or white it is, unfortunately, a sign that it got too much stress and that it is dying off. Often this is a sign that the water parameters are not good for it or it was too long in transit. Please remove the parts of the algae which changed to those colours from your tank, as it won't, unfortunately, recover from this. Parts which still look brown/purple/blue are good and will grow on with the fitting water and light conditions.

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