What water conditions will need macroalgae to grow?

For a macroalgae marine tank we recommend the following guideline for the marine water chemistry:

As a general rule, this is for most macroalgae species we sell, but there will be some which will need different environments. If you are unsure please ask us before you order.

Temperature: Between 23-29 °C

PH: 7.9-8.4

Salinity: 1.024 - 1.026

Nitrate: Between 5-10 ppm, above 2ppm

Phosphate: Below above 0.02ppm

Magnesium: Around 1250 ppm - 14000 ppm

Calcium: Around 400 ppm - 450 ppm ( important for calcified species)

Iron: Around 0.01 ppm

Iodine: around 0.04 ppm

If you like to know more about what nutrients macroalgae need to grow successfully in your marine aquarium please have a look HERE

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