What are the benefits of marine macroalgae?

  • Macroalgae will help to remove nutrients from the marine aquarium and so help to reduce the nitrate and phosphate levels
  • Macroalgae can help to reduce unwanted microalgae ( nuisance algae ) by outcompeting them in the marine tank
  • Many macroalgae species will provide shelter for copepods and amphipods and help to increase the population, especially Ochtodes, Chaetomorpha etc.
  • Some macroalgae species will be happily eaten by fishes and critters and therefore help to keep them happy and healthy, like Ulva.
  • Macroalgae will give your aquarium a more natural look
  • Seahorses will love the benefit of additional hold fast and we can imagine you will enjoy this look as well much more than the look of an artificial addition.
  • Many macroalgae species can compete with corals when it comes to the beauty of it, and are often much easier to keep too.
  • Macroalgae will add beautiful colours to your marine tank setup.
  • Macroalgae will release additional oxygen into the water while growing.
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