What are invasive macroalgae species?

Invasive macroalgae species will attach easily themselves to rock etc. and need therefore more attention than non-invasive macroalgae as they might easily overgrow the rockwork where they will be often hard to remove from again, as just a tiny part of it can be enough to grow back again. . 

Especially some Caulerpa macroalgae species are growing very fast and can easily attach themselves to live rock, causing as well the risk that it might overgrow your corals too.

We recommend therefore keeping invasive macroalgae  species restrained in the tank display, or better in the refugium/sump of your marine reef tank.

Of course in a dedicated planted reef display tank they almost are a must have macroalgae in there :)

As invasive macroalgae species often grow as well very fast they are a favourite choice of macroalgae species when it comes to nutrients export and for the Triton Method TM.

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