Good afternoon, I hope you are managing to get through the current difficult time. I am starting a new marine tank from scratch next month which will be approximately 850 litres in the display and 150 in the sump. I want to keep mostly LPS and some of the hardier SPS. I am starting from completely dry rock and intend using the Triton method. My rock is cured but I believe it will still need cycling. At what point in the process would it be best to order some refugium algae from your good selves? I would really like to have a proper little ecosystem in the sump with a variety of algae, so would prefer not to go with the ‘good old chaeto’, but I understand if this is what you recommend, particularly to begin with. I will get a decent Kessel light all being well and like their A360x for the refugium. Thank you very much and I hope this all makes sense, Warm regards, Julie

Hi Julie.

Thank you for your question. And congratulations to your new project :) 
We do recommend adding macroalgae to a newly setup marine tank earliest after the cycling has finished and the microalgae bloom is over, as the microalgae otherwise might in such an early stage to easily overgrow most newly added macroalgae.
As well you will need to have sufficient nitrate and phosphate for the macroalgae available, we recommend to have at least 2-3 ppm nitrate and 0.02-0.02 ppm phosphate.
You can speed up naturally the cycling process by using live bacteria like MicroBacter Start XLM, which we recommend rather than using water from other marine tanks.

When you are looking for macroalgae for triton have a look HERE please. Chaeto is included there, as it is a very stable macroalgae and fast growing but there are a lot other macroalgae species which will transform your sump in a beautiful planted refugium :) 

Most caulerpa species are very fast growing and perfect for triton, but they come with a "low" risk of going sexual, which means that they can die off and release spores in the water, which can pollute the water and let them possibly pop up in other places of the tank. We never had this problem in 16 years, but you will find this often discussed.
From what we have read this mainly happened when water parameters have changed to rapidly or when nitrate and phosphate levels are too low.

A good choice with Kessil lights you are looking for nd you will be on the perfect path to grow macroalgae with them. 

We hope this helped and when you have any further questions please let us know.
Please stay safe, well and warm :)
Kind regards
Livealgae UK
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