I'm looking for a reliable fast growing algae, to go in my sump for nutrients control. As it grows and needs thinning, I'd like it to be palatable to the fish, tangs and foxface. The sump is lit with a maxspect razor light, as my frag rack is in it. Which algae would be the most suitable for my needs? Cheers, Alan.

Hi Alan.
Thank you for your question.
Your light provides a full spectrum and will be fine for growing macroalgae. Great macroalgae which are highly palatable are algae species like our Chaeto very fine, Ulva and Gracilaria Tikvahiae.
The Chaeto fine is quite stable, but it always needs nutrients available, at least 2ppm nitrate and 0,02 ppm phosphate, as it otherwise may collapse.
Ulva is more stable, but slower growing than the Chaeto  and  Gracilaria Tikvahiae is as well slower growing than Chaeto fine but still good.
You could try other Caulerpa macroalgae species like Caulerpa Racemosa Peltata or Grape Caulerpa, but here it depends more often on the personal taste of your fishes, as they of course have all their own favorites :)
Caulerpa species are quite stable as well, but may die off like the Chaeto Fine when there are not enough nutrients, or when water conditions have been changed too fast, you can read more about Caulerpa going sexual on our website.
Other possible palatable species for your herbivorous fishes, but rather slow growing macroalgae are Ochtodes, red grape algae or the fine new side grows of Codium for example.
We have a section for palatable macro algae species as well which you can find here
We hope this helps and when you have any further questions please let us know.
Kind regards
Livealgae UK
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