hi, i have a small (50ltr) uk rock-pool tank an im attempting to stock it with species of seaweeds/macro algae are all your species for heated tanks or will they acclimatize to unheated water.


Most of our macroalgae are for heated marine tank setup, as they origin mostly from Indonesia, Philippines, Florida and Hawaii.
We keep most of our tanks between 24 and 26 C. But we know that macro algae species like Caulerpa Taxifolia, Caulerpa Prolifera, Ulva and some Gracilaria will grow as well in aquariums with around 22 C. 
Unfortunately we can not say which other might grow / survive in unheated tanks as we do not have any experience with this.
We hope this helps and should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards
Livealgae UK
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