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FAQ - Livealgae UK

Frequently Asked Questions about Livealgae UK, Our Services and Offers.

We are sorry but we don't have a public shop to visit as we are purely an aquamarine farm. But we post for free within the UK and offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you are fully happy with your new marine aquarium addition.

We are sorry but we are already quite busy with all our macro algae tanks, that we can't offer this service, unfortunately. But we are happy to post it for free within the UK, and this normally already the next working day ( Monday - Thursday ).

We are based in West Yorkshire - Leeds, but we will post all our marine macro algae for free within the UK to you and for extra cost within the EU.

You can either pay with your existing PayPal account or with your regular Credit or Debit Card.

When a macro algae species sells well we have sometimes to take it out of the sale as it will need time to regrow again. 

The time for this will vary, as some macro algae species will grow very slowly, whilst other - especially various  Caulerpa marine macro algae species grow quite fast.

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to be the first informed about new algae species and algae which are back on offer.

All algae we advertise we have either in stock or they are growing back. Very rarely it can happen that we lose a macro algae species, in this case, you will find a notice for that, as we are seeking for this algae to get it very soon back in stock.

Yes we do. You can find our actual promotions right here:

Livealgae UK Discount 

Yes, we offer a few algae starter packs and mixed algae packs, which are great for a start. They are smaller than the single algae species which we will sell, but they will give nonetheless a great start for your very own marine macro algae collection. And perfect to save some money too.

Macro Algae Starter Packs

Yes we do have a starter pack, please have a look for them HERE

If they get eaten depends on what kind of fishes and critters you have in the tank. When you have like Tang fishes in your aquarium or other algae eating fishes or hungry critters it might be that they will eat is as soon as they will see it. Which is a great thing to have natural food for them, but not perfect when you just started with them. 

When you have this kind of algae hungry environment we recommend more to keep the algae first in a protected area where they can't reach it, or if that is not possible to keep it first in the sump when you have algae fitting lighting, to give the algae time to grow. 

Time to time you can just give the growth of the macro algae to your fishes, to offer it to them as a special treat.

We are happy to hear from you whenever you have any questions.

You can contact us via our 

Contact Form

by Phone : 0786 408 5559

Yes sure. We love to stay connected with you and to hear from you. It is as well a good way to contact us whenever you have any questions regards marine macro algae.

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We are happy to post our macro algae to Northern Ireland for free as well, as this worked so far very well. If you prefer any other delivery method than Royal Mail First Class please contact us before you place the order.

Yes, we post within the EU as long as you are a private buyer.

We offer two posting options, the standard delivery which takes around 4-8 working days and the EU Express delivery, which takes approximately between 2-4 working days.

EU orders will be posted every Monday morning, to give it the best chance to arrive fast at yours.

Although we will do our best to protect the algae as good as possible, we, unfortunately, can't guarantee the quality of the algae, as it might be longer in transport than usual. 

Therefore any posting within the EU would be fully at your own risk. We can't replace any algae which diminished in transit.

Please read more about the Terms of EU Orders ( outside the UK )


We are sorry but we can't post our marine macro algae outside the EU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop to visit?

As an aquatic algae farm, we don't have a public shop to visit unfortunately but we are happy to post all our macro algae species within the UK for free to you.

And we are sure you will like your new macro algae addition once received.

How do I know when a algae is back in stock?

You can register your interest on the algae page you are looking for to get an email once it is back in stock or stay informed via our Newsletter, and or to follow us on Facebook, as we will first inform there when our algae are ready to sell again, or when we received new macro algae species.


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What means "Regrowing"?

When a macro algae species sells well we have sometimes to take it out of the sale as it will need time to regrow again.

The time for this will vary, as some macro algae species will grow very slow, whilst other - especially various  Caulerpa marine macro algae species grow quite fast.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Therefore we offer you a hassle free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not happy with your purchase we will refund your money back (UK Orders only).

Read more about here:

Satisfaction Guarantee