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Ulva Lactuca

Ulva Lactuca or often called Sea Lettuce is a very palatable macroalgae which makes it a great natural food source for herbivore fishes like Tang & Foxface. With its thin leaves in different green shades it will look just amazing in any reef tank whilst offering a natural grow place for copepods and rotifers. Use with caution in oral reef tanks. Not for ultra low nutrients tanks, as it might get stressed and spread in the marine tank. Best placed in  dedicated macroalgae tanks or marine tanks with herbivore fishes which will consume it. Please read more about this macroalgae below. This macro algae will arrive unattached. If you prefer it already attached to a zoa cone please add the amount of cones you need HERE.


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Stunning colour

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This algae looks better than I expected. Adds a great bright shiny green. 

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