Review for "Refugium Macroalgae Starter-Set"

Refugium Macroalgae Starter-Set

This macroalgae pack for the refugium is a great choice if you are looking for fast growing macroalgae species to lower the Nitrate & Phosphate levels in the marine aquarium.  They are smaller live algae frags than the single sold marine algae species but a great choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money. You will get 4 different macroalgae as starter algae frags as stated below.  Perfect for the planted refugium.These will be small frags for just £3.24 each algae species, if you prefer normal sizes we recommend rather to get the algae you prefer directly on our website.


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I have ordered several times from and this was the worst one. Also, it seems only three kinds rather than four and all of them look very sad. I was very disappointed. They arrived not in water like before and they looked not very happy at all when they arrived and they are struggling to recover. It looks like they may die. The attached photos were taken when they arrived.

Shop owner reply (07/10/2020):
Hi.We are sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with your order.Unfortunately due to the current problematic times of the Coronavirus Royal Mail does not guarantee a delivery time currently for the Royal Mail First Class. Although we know how hard they work and as much as we appreciate their work a lot in those tough times this is unfortunately not great  for perishable items like our macro algae.It still looks like that Royal Mail can not  provide everywhere the First Class next working day delivery as before and we had around 15% of our deliveries delayed or not arriving after 4 working days at all.  Knowing this we have therefore marked the Royal Mail delivery currently as not recommended and highlighted the express delivery option at the checkout.In addition to this we have send you as well an extra email before posting the macro algae out to you and recommended either to use the express delivery option as in those uncertain times UPS still delivers very often already the next working day or to refund you the money, as the risk was very high that the algae might not arrive in perfect condition at yours.As we have not heard back from you and to avoid any further delay we have posted the algae as chosen via Royal Mail First Class to you.Unfortunately the delivery times are out of our control and we tried to do everything possible to avoid any disappointment by highlighting this problem.Still we do understand your disappointment and have refunded your money out of goodwill.We hope times will go back to normal soon and that Royal Mail can deliver again as fast as they used to do and maybe you will give us another chance in the future again.ManfredLivealgae UKBTW we can assure you as well that we have added 4 macro algae species in this pack and of course different algae species will be packed different, but as they have damaged in transport it will be surely hard to identify the single algae. species.As we have very good results with the packaging of the Nitrate remover starter pack in a wet tissue and heat sealed this is normally a good way for two days like this. but unfortunately not much longer.
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