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Ochtodes Sp.

The marine macroalgae Blue Ochtodes sp. with its purple/blue colour is a fantastic addition to the marine tank. It will add a beautiful and rare to find colour to the tank and will quickly become a centerpiece. It has a dense structure which offers great hiding space for beneficial hitchhikers like copepods, rotifers and thus will be a nice hunting place for Seahorses and co. This macro algae will arrive unattached. If you prefer it already attached to a zoa cone please add the amount of cones you need HERE.


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Wonderful Specimin

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There is no regrets with this purchase. It looks superb and came in really good condition. It\'s been in my tank for a few days now and it is showing no signs of decay. Really happy with it. The water it came in too was crystal clear tooThe service is super too, really quick and to a high standard

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