Review for "Reef Display Tank Starter-Set"

Reef Display Tank Starter-Set

This macroalgae starter pack for the reef display tank is a great choice for you when you just started to enrich your marine aquarium with marine algae and/or if you want to save some money to start with. This set will provide you 4 different marine macroalgae frags, which are smaller than our normal live algae species, but still perfectly suited to start successfully your very own macroalgae tank and all safe to be placed in the reef display tank.  Please keep in mind that those are starter algae frags and that they will be small, but therefore you get new macro algae species for the reef tank for just £3.75 each algae species. This macro algae will arrive unattached. If you prefer it already attached to a zoa cone please add the amount of cones you need HERE.


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Had them before grow fantastic then crashed don't know what with just one of these things.
But I have always said I will buy again. So iam back.
All your plants are fantastic quality
Thank have a great day

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