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The Codium macroalgae is a true all-rounder for the marine aquarium. Not fuzzy regards the light or current and very beautiful looking. Codium has a great dark main structure, which develops irregularly into cylindrical branches. Along its branches it develops soft fuzzy filaments which a lot of fishes love to eat. A perfect macroalgae for Seahorses too, as it will add natural holdfasts for them. This macro algae will arrive unattached. If you prefer it already attached to a zoa cone please add the amount of cones you need HERE.


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Packaging was exceptional!

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Packaging was exceptional! honestly was really sweet, didn't expect the packet of sweets either! very kind, everything was secure, only one of the Codiums I ordered had come of its frag but was easily able to attack to my rock instead, overall amazing and will definitely be ordering from here a lot more and a lot more frequently xx

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