Macroalgae for the Display Tank

Clean Macroalgae For The Display Tank From The Macroalgae Experts
Red Turf Marine Macroalgae Red Turf Marine Macroalgae 2
    Red Macroalgae

    Red Turf Macroalgae

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    Acanthophora Spicifera Red Marine Macroalgae Acanthophora Spicifera Red Marine Macroalgae 2
      Red Macroalgae

      Acanthophora Spicifera

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      Ochtodes Sp. Red Marine Macroalgae Ochtodes Sp. Red Marine Macroalgae 2
        Red Macroalgae

        Ochtodes Sp.

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        Neomeris Annulata Neomeris Annulata 2
          Green Macroalgae

          Neomeris Annulata

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          Macroalgae for the Reef Display Tank

          Welcome to the beautiful world of marine macro algae for the Display Tank & Refugium
          Your 1st choice for Sustainable Grown Macroalgae Species in the UK since 2014

          Enjoy a more natural look of your marine aquarium by adding beautiful and easy to keep macroalgae species to your Display Tank  

          The following marine macro algae species are a great choice for any Display Tank as they are mainly non-invasive, which means that they won't attach themselves to the rock work., adding stunning colours to your aquarium display with beautiful structures and hiding places for fishes, critters and copepods.

          It doesn't matter if you have a reef tank, a seahorse tank or just a fish only marine setup. With those algae species you will enjoy your marine aquarium even more.

          Marine macroalgae will provide you still all the other great benefits, like nutrient export by lowering the Nitrate and Phosphate level in your aquarium water and more which we explain here at the Facts part.

          The marine algae listed here which might attach themselves are not like Caulerpa macroalgae species, which attach itself by rhizomes. Therefore it is less invasive and better to control.  

          All the algae we sell are from our special Algae Tanks setups which are kept without any fishes for a disease-free and premium quality. This said, they might come with hitchhikers not limited to Copepods and Rotifers, as those beneficial critters love the protected environment of our planted marine tanks.

          We hope you enjoy our beautiful marine macroalgae collection and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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