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Chaetomorpha Chaeto Fine


Our fastest growing Macro Algae

This Chaeto species is a perfect and safe macro algae to reduce the Nitrate and Phosphate levels in the marine tank water. It is best placed in the sump/refugium with a sufficient red/blue or full-spectrum light.

Chaeto will grow very fast and the best with this algae is that herbivore fishes like to eat it, opposite to the more stringy Chaetomorphae algae.

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Chaetomorpha Chaeto Fine Marine Macro Algae

This is a different Chaeto species to the ones you'll often find, as it is finer in the structure ( see comparison pictures ) and herbivore fishes will happily eat this one.

Chaetomorpha / Chaeto macro algae love the light, as more as you provide as faster it will grow.


This Chaetomorpha algae species is for larger algae-eating marine fishes palatable.

It is not invasive and will not attach itself. A great choice for the refugium for nutrients export.

Whitish parts of it should be removed as they are decomposing.

Like for most marine macro algae a higher level of Nitrate and Phosphate, in addition to the supplement of Iron, Magnesium and Trace elements will improve the growth of this algae.

Please note
Our macro algae are from fish free macro algae tanks, although we use sometimes pictures for demonstration purposes only which will include fishes, seahorses and or corals. 
We do our best to quarantine, treat and remove any unwanted hitchhikers, parasites etc from our macro algae but we can not guarantee that the algae are completely free of anything unwanted, not limited to Copepods, Rotifers etc. This is simply because that sometimes eggs, spores, etc can remain viable but not visible and hitchhikers can still stay hidden, especially in dense algae structures, despite our strict quarantine efforts. 

All macro algae will be thoroughly dipped in a professional solution to deactivate hitchhikers as good as possible before posting. If you don't want this, please send us a message together with your order.

We highly recommend nonetheless that you properly quarantine anything new before adding it to your marine tank.

We aim to offer you the healthiest and best quality macro algae on the market, therefore, all of our macro algae comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
The images on this page are for example only, actual product appearance may vary. 
Scientific NameChaetomorpha
Common NameChaeto Fine or Spaghetti Algae
PlacementSump (tumbling)
Growth Rate:Fast
Food Value:Not Palatable
Nutrient Uptake:Very good
Flow Rate:Medium
Light:Moderate to High
ColourGreen Macroalgae
Path: > > > Chaetomorpha Chaeto Fine

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questions Paul Hodgkins on 13/02/2019

Hi, I am confused as to whether this is in stock. Your website has been saying that it has been re growing since Christmas but very positive review on 8th February suggests that the customer received it recently . Is it currently for sale??


Hi Paul.

Thank you for your message.

The last feedback we had for the Chaeto fine growing was at the 28.12.18, as we very rarely have sold it after this. The feedback you mentioned was for another algae species.

Unfortunately we don't have it growing as fast as we used to have it. We are actively looking for a complete new batch to grow them at the same time.

Kind regards


Livealgae UK

questions Anders on 28/01/2019

Hi! A few short questions. Is it possible to grow this chaeto algae under just actinic/blue light in a refugium? I have bought blue lights on sale that fits my nano. Are these algae edible for small hermit crabs? It would be convenient at short vacations. What about Ochtodes? Thank you! Best regards Anders



We are sorry for the delayed answer, unfortunately we had some technical issues.

To be honest we never tested it with actinic/blue light. We found the best light solution for our chaeto is a 3:1 Red/Blue grow light.So it would be interesting to hear how your results are :) The Chaeto wont be normally eaten by crabs.

For the Ochtodes we would recommend more a full spectrum light source, but not too much light for it, when you like a more deep blue colour. This algae is very palatable and a lot of herbivore fishes and as well crabs might like to eat it.

Hope this helps.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

questions Ainars on 05/07/2018

Hello Just a quick question: What is the difference between chaetomorpha chaeto fine and chaetomorpha chaeto linum ? Kind regards Ainar


Hi. The fine Chaeto grows much finer and faster than the conventional Chaeto / Chaetomorpha macro algae you often find, and as our other Chaeto species.

The fine Chaeto is as well a great natural food source for herbivore marine fishes, like Tang Fishes and co, which like to eat this algae species often.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards

questions Inka van der bijl on 08/05/2018

Hello, Do you deliver to Germany? I am interested in you Fine Chaeto. Thanks in Advance.


Thank you for your question.
Yes, we are happy to deliver to Germany too.
You can find our terms for EU orders here:

Thank you
Livealgae UK

questions John Brookes on 09/01/2018

How much NO3 does Chaeto need to grow, as mine is around 0-3 now, and my chaeto stopped growing and is gone brittle?


The main nutrient Chaeto will use to grow is NO3. Algae love nitrates and phosphates, which is why we guess you got the Chaetomorpha marine algae in the beginning :),

When your nitrate level is very low, it will slow down or even stop the growth of your algae, as there are not enough nutrients for it available.
This is often not a problem with Chaeto, as it is a very hardy marine algae species, and it doesn't die of easily like other macro algae species in those nutrients low environments.

It is btw possible to have your marine water "to clean", which means that corals and algae won't really thrive.
In this case, it might be advisable to increase feeding for a time or to add some extra nitrate to your water.


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Great Macroalgae

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Another fabulous, first class clean macroalgae. I really cannot praise Livealgae UK enough.

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Great customer service

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Always quick to respond to any queries, quick delivery and good prices.

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This is my first purchase from livealgae and won't be the last. The quality and quantity is far better than others I have delt with. Excellent.

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Healthy algae

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I have to confess to not knowing much about \'good\' algae - historically it\'s something I\'ve been battling to remove not to add to my tank. But the package arrived quickly and although I couldn\'t put it into my tank for a few days the algae remained moist and healthy looking. Now it\'s in the sump it seems to be growing happily and nothing unpleasant has crawled out of it!

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Arrived fast, good quantity and very good condition. Much finer than I imagined, for the refugium I should have ordered the courser one. I\'m new to keeping algae on purpose.

Shop owner reply (Oct 18, 2018):
Thank you for your feedback.\r\n\r\nThis Chaetomorpha macro algae species is actually a perfect alga for the sump, to remove nutrients, as it grows much faster than the coarse Chaeto species. \r\n\r\nPlus it has the bonus that you can feed this chaeto it to herbivore fishes. So especially for your fish, who eat the Red Grape algae, it should be a very welcome algae meal, to keep him happy.\r\n\r\nWhat we recommend is to place it in the middle of a three-sector sump, so it can\'t get sucked up from the return pump or a skimmer, best with a small filter, so it can\'t get in the return chamber.\r\n\r\nI am sure you will be impressed by the growth of it :)\r\n\r\nIf you have any further questions don\'t hesitate to contact us.\r\n\r\n\r\n
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