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Cymopolia Barbata


Cymopolia Barbata is a very beautiful addition for the marine aquarium. It is a green calcareous marine alga with a small stem with bright green filaments at the top. It will hold itself with rhizoids in the substrate, which should be deep a few inch deep, therefore.

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As Cymopolia Barbata is a very calcified macroalgae it is often not eaten by fishes and critters and it needs good calcium levels in the water.

Although it can grow on rock ( by supergluing it for the start ) it will spread wider and better when it is placed on a sand bed or gravel, which should be preferable min. between 5-10cm deep.

Whitish parts of this seaweed algae should be removed as they are decomposing. Out of water and in transit it might turn white, but back in the water, it will turn after a few hours back green again.

This macroalgae prefers not too high levels of Nitrate and Phosphate and will grow better with the additional supplement of Iron, Magnesium and Trace elements. As it is a calcified macroalgae a sufficient Calcium level should be maintained.

Scientific NameCymopolia Barbata
Common NamePalm Tree Algae
Growth Rate:Slow
Food Value:Somewhat Palatable
Nutrient Uptake:Fair
Flow Rate:Medium to High
Light:Moderate to High
PropagationFragmentation, Sporulation
ColourGreen Macroalgae
Size30 cm
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