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We have closed due to Illness

Dear Customers.I am sorry to let you know, that we have to close for around two weeks, approx.until the 09.02.2018Unfortunately, an eye injury left me in the position that I need further medical treatment. We would like to thank you for all your kind feedback and words, and we promise that we will be back very soon with even more exciting new marine macro algae species, which we will add as soon as possible. Kind regardsManfred Livealgae UK
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Merry Christmas to you and your family.

You can feel it already everywhere... Christmas is coming very fast.We will take this chance to wish you and your family therefore already a Merry Christmas together with your beloved ones.Royal Mail will have to work hard to get all the parcels in time to everyone, and they will be understandably very, very busy. We use this busy time to give our marine macroalgae a rest, to grow well and healthy and will have closed therfore from the 12.12.- 26.12.2017. Please stay updated with our Newsletter as we will have new and long-awaited macroalgae species to order, and we will inform first our Newsletter subscribers about this to give them the best chance to get some new great algae additions for the marine tank display and refugium.As well we will upload soon some more helpful guides about the best lighting for growing marine macroalgae and to grow which algae better in the Tank Display or the Refugium.Salty greetingsLivealgae UK
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How you can pay for your macro algae order

We recently changed our payment system. We are now able to offer you beside of the payment with Paypal as well the payment with all major Credit Cards.While processing your order you will see the Paypal logo incl. the Credit Cards logos. Please click on this, just scroll down at the newly opened page and you will see a field, pay by Credit Card , without the need to register for PayPal. Easy and secure.If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us please. Salty greetings LiveAlgae UK
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New look for our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Area

Hello, Dear Macro Algae Fan. We just updated our Frequently Asked Questions section and are happy to offer you now a much easier way to find the right answer to your question about us, your order, marine macro and micro algae. We hope you like it, and if you would like to get your question added as well, or you think we should change something please just let us know. Contact Livealgae UKStill, we are very happy to hear from you on Facebook  or here, whenever you have a question.Salty greetings Manfred - Livealgae UK
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Enjoy watching this Seahorse having Fun

This Seahorse seems to have a lot of fun and isn't it calming just to watch it using the air bubble elevator to move around in the aquarium :) A nice example how happy and healthy Seahorses can be kept using different marine macro algae in the Seahorse tank.  Watch the video HERE

New detailed shop and macro algae feedback

Hello Dear Macro Algae Fan.As you might have noticed, we have a much more comfortable review system now. There were some hiccups with the installation, and unfortunately are all reviews lost before the March 2017, but we hope that you will leave us your feedback about our shop, service and our macro algae again.As a bonus for your time we offer you now as well a small little gift. A THANK YOU discount code for your next order placed as Livealgae UK.Salty Greetings
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What Nutrients does Marine Macro Algae need to grow?

What Nutrients does Marine Macro Algae need to grow? Marine Macro Algae will need a few major and minor nutrients to thrive in the marine aquarium well. The amount they need will mainly vary with the amount of macro algae you use in your marine aquarium, how often you do saltwater changes and what kind of livestock you keep in the aquarium. Although marine macro algae are not plants they will need almost the same essential elements like plants. But as algae don't grow with roots, the nutrients must be supplied through the water and not through the substrate ( like Freshwater aquarium plants which can be fed by fertiliser through the substrate). Macro algae will need just a few major nutrients which will provide the basic needs for them to grow, and some minor nutrients along with them. In a reef tank or marine aquarium setup with just a few macro algae species, it is normally not necessary to add any of the following nutrients to the marine water, as normal water exchanges and the present of livestock will provide enough nutrients for the macro algae to grow.
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NUISANCE ALGAE - HOW TO GET RID OFOpposite to the beauty of wanted macroalgae in the marine tank, unwanted microalgae - so-called nuisance algae- can become a real nightmare for aquarists.  To identify them is a task which is with some research normally done quite quickly, but to get rid of them can take weeks if not months. From our experience, we want to give you one possible guideline to get rid of these unwanted pest algae in your marine aquarium, to bring back the enjoyment of this fantastic hobby.  
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INTRODUCTION TO MARINE MACROALGAEMacroalgae, or sometimes so called seaweed, seems to have become within the last years more and more popular amongst marine aquarium hobbyists. Previously macroalgae were often used specifically to provide a natural way to export the nutrients in the aquarium water, which means that the algae will grow by using compounds like nitrate, phosphate, ammonium and some heavy metals in the tank water. During this photosynthesis process, it uses carbon dioxide too and turns this into additional oxygen for the aquarium inhabitants. As well it will help to raise the pH level in the tank and increase the tank carbonate buffer capacity, which means are more stable alkalinity level. In addition, it is often used to provide additional hiding spaces for copepods and rotifers. Nowadays thanks to the variety of available macroalgae species, macroalgae can still fulfil these very important functions but they add a very important benefit too . . . . . . a beautiful and more natural looking tank.
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Marine Macro Algae Gallery

Enjoy the best pictures of our beloved fishes, seahorses, critters and co. enjoying the amazing world of marine macro algae too. Please send us your pictures when you like to get them added.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop to visit?

As an aquatic algae farm, we don't have a public shop to visit unfortunately but we are happy to post all our macro algae species within the UK for free to you.

And we are sure you will like your new macro algae addition once received.

How do I know when a algae is back in stock?

You can register your interest on the algae page you are looking for to get an email once it is back in stock or stay informed via our Newsletter, and or to follow us on Facebook, as we will first inform there when our algae are ready to sell again, or when we received new macro algae species.


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What means "Regrowing"?

When a macro algae species sells well we have sometimes to take it out of the sale as it will need time to regrow again.

The time for this will vary, as some macro algae species will grow very slow, whilst other - especially various  Caulerpa marine macro algae species grow quite fast.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase.

Therefore we offer you a hassle free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not happy with your purchase we will refund your money back. Read more about here:

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