FAQ - Marine Nuisance Algae

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ About Nuisance Algae And What To Do Against It

Microalgae or often just called Nuisance Algae, are microscopic organisms that live in water as single cells or in colonies. Microalgae can grow very fast, and some species can double in size in just 24 hours.

Opposite to macroalgae they are that kind of algae you do not want to have growing in the marine aquarium which gives them their name: Nuisance.

The most common microalgae in the marine aquarium and reef tank setups are: DIATOMS, FILM ALGAE, DINOFLAGELLATES, RED OR GREEN SLIME ALGAE, GREEN HAIR ALGAE AND BUBBLE ALGAE.

Identification of Nuisance Marine Micro Algae

Depending on which microalgae you have in your marine tank or reef aquarium different steps are necessary to get them successfully out of your tank setup.

Please have first a look at our microalgae database  to identify them correctly.

Beside of this individual microalgae solution we recommend the following general steps to get successfully rid of unwanted marine micro algae in your aquarium.


Frequently Asked Questions

What macroalgae do you recommend for the Display Tank?

There are a lot of beautiful macroalgae species which are just perfect to be placed in the Refugium Display Tank & even for a Seahorse Tank.

We can especially recommend non-invasive macroalgae species which will add a beautiful colour and structure to the marine aquarium to enjoy.

Macroalgae for the Display Tank

How to achieve better macroalgae growth?

Macroalgae don't need a lot to grow, just good lighting and enough nutrients.

Should you already have good lighting for your macroalgae but the growth is not as it should be, maybe there are some nutrients missing in your aquarium water which it need to grow?

Find more here about what water conditions are optimal for macroalgae and dosing nutrients to your reef tank/refugium.


Clean Macroalgae - Sustainable grown in the UK

Livealgae UK offers you premium macroalgae species from fish & copper free tanks. 

All macroalgae we sell are sustainable grown in the UK and will be dipped and manually inspected before getting posted out to you, to ensure a premium clean macroalgae quality as much as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be fully happy with your new additions and offer you a hassle free 100% Satisfaction & Alive Arrival Guarantee. 

If you are not fully happy with your purchase on arrival we will refund your money back (UK Orders only).

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